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Haha, don’t worry. You haven’t come to the wrong place.

I am Shantanu, a one-time failed entrepreneur. I am from India, specifically Dhanbad, a coal mining town close to the derelict metropolis of Kolkata. In 2020, I left a plush job at Myntra to challenge myself and explore life. I first went to Dubai (by good graces of people I worked with before). Then I moved to Singapore to take break and study full-time. I fell in love with Singapore’s convenience. I decided to make Singapore my base.

I also happen to be a big Jisoo fan (why isn’t everyone🤔).

I help businesses grow. After almost going bankrupt in March 2023, I realised that my professional experiences work best for growth marketing. I understand numbers and people well. Plus I love experimentation. Combine experimentation + numbers + people and you will potentially get the best growth marketer in the world⚡

Don’t let my (over)confidence affect you. I am a rooted person🌳

Now that you are part of the Jisoo tribe, let me tell you what to expect from this

  1. Weekly stories on building businesses from scratch 🛒

  2. Personal failure stories (yes I write share sad, very sad stories 🥹)

  3. Fair bit of comedy 😂

  4. Free coffee anywhere in the world (☕)

  5. Jisoo GIFs 💃

I enjoy writing, so the list will continue growing. Thank you for joining this tribe 🙏

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